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Speakers Presentation
Abu Shafi (UK) Setting Up A Patient Safety Program 3.39 MB
Adnan Abul (Kuwait) Treatment Abroad 1.79 MB
Ahmed Al-Sagheir (Saudi Arabia) Cancer care Abroad National look 4.33 MB
Chris Christy (USA)
Business Intelligence in Modern Hospital Operations Keys to Success
Healthcare Quality and Compliance
8.54 MB
4.94 MB
Christopher Farmer (USA)
Altering systems of care in the hospital to improve patient safety
Improving throughput, flow, and efficiency of care for acutely ill hospitalized patients
5.53 MB
4.99 MB
Curtis Schroeder (Thailand)
The Global Patient
Why Kuwait health reform
5.64 MB
19.7 MB
Edgar Jimenez (USA)
A New Age in Collaboration
New Frontiers in Tele-medicine
Robotic Presence in the ICU
28.0 MB
49.9 MB
13.4 MB
Hani Khaldi
(Saudi Arabia)
Mobile Point of Care 12.5 MB
Jim Rice (USA)
11x17 Rice Medical Tourism 2009
Financing Health Services
Medical Tourism 2009
Medical Tourism Map 11x17
1.80 MB
5.40 MB
1.91 MB
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Julie Decker (USA)
Alternate Site of Care
Healthcare Finance
4.69 MB
1.40 MB
Kuntal Shah (India) Improving Health of the Hospital Using Software 1.71 MB
Mohammed Al Saghier (Saudi Arabia) Transplantation Tourism 2.66 MB
Naji Bejjani (Lebanon) Developing Creative Thinking 1.95 MB
Paul Hoffmann (USA)
Executive Mistakes in Healthcare
Improving Criteria for Allocating Capital Resources
66.0 KB
66.0 KB
Saeed Al Qahtani (Saudi Arabia) The impact of accreditation on patient care in Saudi Hospitals 1.25 MB
Wesley Valdes (USA)
Investing in Leadership
Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring
764 KB
9.29 MB
Nadeem Al-Duaij (Kuwait) Health Financing | Strategies for Reform 2.30 MB